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Self defence - for when you are on your own!

Hands On Defence - Spirit Of Ninjutsu incorporating the
Bujinkan Melbourne Dojo provide's its members with a
choice of School designed merchandise items...

Something for everyone - with prices starting from as
low as $10 (plus GST) through to $75 (plus GST)!

For further details on any items displayed or for
further details on how to order, please contact Shihan
Hodson on:

- School Flag Design Ink Pens!
(Wrap-Around Design) $10 (plus GST) each

School Flag Logo Pen

- School Design Key Rings!
(School Flag Front & Panther Design Back) $15 (plus GST) each

School Flag Design Front - Key Ring

Panther & Woods Back - Key Ring

- School Flag Design Classic Coffee Mug!
(White & Flag Wrap-Around) $25 (plus GST) each

School Flag Design Coffee Mug

- School Design Premium Cap!
(Black/Printed: One Size Only) $30 (plus GST) each

School Cap School Cap - Back Design

- The Classic 'Nin' Kanji Cap!
(Black/Embroidered: One Size Only) $30 (plus GST) each

School Nin Kanji Cap

- School Design Premium T'Shirt!
(Black/Printed: Med/Large/XL/XXL) $35 (plus GST) each

School T'Shirt - Front Design School T'Shirt - Back Design

- Classy 'Nin' Kanji Embroidered Polo Shirt!
(Black: Med/Large/XL/XXL) $50 (plus GST) each

School Polo Shirt - Front Design

- Prestigious 'Nin' Kanji Embroidered Hoodie!
(Black: Med/Large/XL/XXL) $75 (plus GST) each

School Embroidered Hoodie with Nin Kanji

[Note: All prices correct as at May 2015 however may be
subject to change & depends on availability at supplier]



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