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Example Student Feedback...Kuji-In Course:
"Kuji-In compliments both Buddhism, and Ninjutsu in a unique way.
I think my mind, body, and spirit grew a little bit richer today.
I am very lucky to have such a wonderful, and compassionate Sensei."

The School provides students rare access into the esoteric art of the
spiritual warrior - the Kuji-In - under the qualified instruction of
Master Dr Hodson. Dr Hodson is a Kuji-In master certified under
Grandmaster Maha Vajra and 'The Nine Esoteric Seals of the
Transformational Approach'.

Master Dr Hodson runs 9-week (1-hour per week) programs periodically
throughout the year, allowing students to practice, develop and grow
their skills between sessions.

Simply Put - What is Kuji-In?

Kuji-In is a ritual process that encourages the development of body, mind and
spirit. It enhances the nervous system, endocrine system, energy channels of
the body, mental abilities, comprehension, quickness of body and mind, and open
the doors on great spiritual depth. It involves the combination of many tools
to focus all of the practitioner’s attention: hand gesture, spoken words, mental
visualization, philosophic contemplation, focus points on the body.

Kuji-In Seals

A Journey of Study…

The moment you start practicing Kuji-In, it will take effect in various forms
of enhancements: better thinking, quickness of mind and body, more
. Yet, Kuji-In will keep on delivering new abilities and expand your
awareness over years of practice.

Kuji-In - The Journey Within

Open to Everyone…

Kuji-In was first created for everyone to use. Over hundreds of years, it
was adapted in different forms for: martial artists, holistic healers,
spiritual seekers
and the general public. Our first approach is global,
followed by adaptations to each tradition.

Meditation Study Open To All

‘The Nine Esoteric Seals of the Transformational Approach’ - Teachings
by a Buddhist Bishop

Maha Vajra is a modern day enlightened spiritual master. His teachings
contain wisdom from more than 23 years of experience on a spiritual path. He
masters oriental and occidental spirituality alike, yet most of what he teaches
he acquired during his enlightenment experience. Although he is a Buddhist
Acharya (bishop), his teachings are from Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism,
abbalah, Christianity, and are non-dogmatic. He teaches healing to holistic
healers, empowerment to martial artists, ESP to justice enforcers (Police,
SWAT, Security Agencies...). We are all ONE.

Kuji-In Origins – History & Variations

The 9 hand seals technique and its teachings were initiated in the Hindu
religion, where it was used by a few groups of the lower casts. It was a way to
bring the virtues of the spirit into the physical experience. It was not as
developed as we know it today, it was part of the origins of the kuji-in we know
today. From Hinduism came Buddhism, and with it, the 9 hand seals became
more popular. The mudras remained the same, but Buddhist mantras where
added. The original mantras were in Sanskrit. They seem to be invocations and
celebrations of the Buddhas, but once understood, they are personal growth
and empowerment contemplations, that has only to do with the Self. The
Buddhist movement went to china, where the tradition was passed on to the
hermetic and esoteric groups. Boa Pu Zhi, a wise Chinese master, was the first
to put the nine hand mudras on paper, in his work published around the 3rd
Century AD. Then, the technique migrated to Japan, along with esoteric
Buddhism, where the mantras where translated in Japanese.

As it seems, the kuji-in technique is composed of a ritual technique containing
the traditional application of the Buddhist three secrets (mudra, mantra,
mandala). The true kuji-in secret lies within the contemplation of its
philosophy that we use to change our attitude in life. The goal of the kuji-in
technique is not to acquire strength, control, healing powers, telepathy… these
are only side-effects of practicing the ritual technique and focusing a bit on
the philosophy. Most people learn the technique simply to get these
side-effects. They will develop only to a tenth of what they could if the
kuji-in was practiced to its fullest. The real kuji-in path is the quest for
knowing the truth about ourselves. It is a contemplation of higher principles,
an application of noble behavior in our daily lives, and mental availability to
perceive knowledge that is not studied, but revealed. Once a revelation
occurs, one of the side-effects will develop rapidly without effort.

A teacher of the kuji-in will transmit the technique according to his own
experience of its revelations. Since the technique was transmitted orally at
many different groups, by many different masters, the organization of the
knowledge remained the same, but the ritual aspect changed a bit through time.
That is not dramatic, since the true knowledge of the kuji-in is acquired
through revelation, and the different ritual techniques stimulate the mind
towards the same goal, which is to acquire the revelation of the truth about
the self. While the ritual practice is applied, the side-effects eventually
manifest, and it is enough for the general public.

Some kuji-in practitioners are adepts of meditation, and according to them, the
kuji-in technique is a way to deepen meditation. Others are adepts of martial
arts, and for them, the kuji-in technique builds the profound inner powers of
the warrior. The sorcerers will say it develops the ability to manifest magical
phenomena. Peasants and farmers might say it is the technique used to attract
good fortune and stimulate good crops! Speculators say there might be around
4000 different schools of this technique around the world, all transmitting a
slightly different ritual technique. Some Buddhists will use a chi-gong dance
along with 9 syllables, while others will sit in meditation and use 9 longer
mantra prayers. It doesn’t matter. As long as there is philosophy behind the
ritual technique, the results will be attained.

Acknowledgement; the above text and many of the images shown have
been taken directly from Grandmaster Maha Vajra's official website:

2017 Course Training Schedule:
(i) May 2017: full-day.
- Please contact the School for other future dates...

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