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Our Bujinkan Melbourne Dojo Ninjutsu Melbourne classes aim to
teach you some of the most dynamic & effective self-defence
techniques available from the martial arts world today!

Our martial arts training objectives aim to help you to:

- Develop your levels of self-confidence
- Improve your knowledge and skill in the art
- Enhance a positive outlook / attitude on life
- Increase your respect for others in society
- Improve your attention span / ability to focus
- Improve your levels of fitness applying natural body movement

We cater for Children (non safety training weapon specific & under
the 'Hands On Defence" banner) and, Men & Women
over the age
of 18
as part of our Bujinkan Melbourne adult training that provides
a comprehensive Black Belt (incl. Dan grade) progressive training

Summary of training, locations & times:

The School offers students a choice of session times and modes of
learning interaction - from normal classes to personal instruction to
specialty forums.

The following provides a summary to available session & times:

(1) Monday Adults 8-9:30pm & Friday 7:10-8:40pm, Freeway Sports

Densho/Scroll/School Training Manual study based class.
^Location: Cnr. Princes Hwy & Doveton Ave, Doveton/Dandenong.

Location map provided below:
Freeway Sports Location Map



(2) Wednesday Adult Classes 6.00pm-7:30pm, Mechanics Institute, Nagambie

Master Class based adult self defence training - regional Victoria location.
^Location: High Street, Nagambie.

Wednesday classes are discretionary and based on instructor/ venue
availability.  As such all students interested in Wednesday training
are advised to always check with Sensei Dr Hodson in the days
before e.g. to confirm whether training will take place...

(3) Wednesday "Ninja Cadet" Training, Mechanics Institute, Nagambie
For 7-17 year olds from 4:45pm-5:45pm.

Presented under the 'Hands On Defence- Spirit Of Ninjutsu' banner, and
non-safety training weapon specific, classes are offered for $22
per class (with the expectation that 4 classes will be offered per month
- minimum 2 classes to be attended per month excepting for vacation/
hospital, etc). Based on a $6.42 per month ($77 per Calendar Year)
individual membership fee (cumulative depending on month joined vs. 31st
December of that year).

Potential for further savings - related notes:

(1) A regressive weekly payment is offered for those parents with more than
one child in class - for example 1 child $22 per class, 2 children $21 each
per class, 3 children $20 each per class.  As an example - for a parent
with 3 children attending every week (4 Wednesday classes in a month)
this represents a saving of $24 per month.
(2) An additional 'family membership' deal is offered for 3 or more
memberships (adult and/or children) for $18.33 per month ($220 per
Calendar Year) membership fee (cumulative depending on month joined vs.
31st Dec).


- Personal Training: Open to all grades (By request only & subject to
instructor/ venue availability). $55 per hour (excl. venue hire costs).
^Location: to be advised.

- Special Interest Events, Seminars and Workshops - Open to all adult
grades (Occasional & subject to instructor/ venue/ service availabilty)

Note: All times/ days and locations are correct as of January 2018.


Overview of a typical Bujinkan Melbourne (Adult) Dojo training session:

A 90 minute session typically comprises three (3) distinct parts, namely:

Part 1 (approx. 30 minutes):
At the start of class, any School announcements are made by Shihan
Hodson followed by a brief budo philosophical and/or meditation period
then a formal Bujinkan introduction.  A period
of stretching then
follows e.g. to improve the bodies ability to train in the most effective
way. Then following this, fundamental break-falls, core conditioning /
basics (Kihon Happo & Sanshin) of body movement complete the first
part of the class.

Part 2 (approx. 30 minutes):
This period offers a focus on unarmed training based on traditional
techniques from the nine 'Ryu-Ha' (Styles/ Schools) of the Bujinkan.

Part 3 (approx. 30 minutes):
This period offers training focussed on armed (safety weapons) based
training. At the end of the session, the class concludes with an
appraisal of the class and may include training feedback and/or
philosophy based on budo and the martial arts.

Adult Fee schedule:

90 minute classes range from $22 (incl.GST) to $27.50 (incl.GST) per
class (as an enrolled member of the School) which is dependent upon the
reward program/ number of pre-paid classes the student elects at the
start of each month...for example;
(i) the 'Gold' program is $176 (incl.GST) and represents 8 classes (equal
to $22 incl.GST per class); or
(ii) the 'Ruby' program which is $132 (incl.GST) and represents 6 classes
(equal to $22 incl.GST per class); or
(iii) the 'Silver' program which is $99 (incl.GST) and represents 4 classes
(equal to $24.75 incl.GST per class); or
(iv) the 'Bronze' program which is $82.50 (incl.GST) and represents 3
classes (equal to $27.50 incl.GST per class).

Also, when offered (dependent upon instructor availability), a 'Platinum'
level program $220 (incl.GST) is available representing 10 classes (for
the 'die-hard' student and is equal to $22 incl.GST per class).

All fee programs are elected (payable) in the first week of every month.
Simply put, the reward programs aim to provide students with the
opportunity to make hundreds of dollars in savings over the year!


For further details on any of the programs, please contact us at:

Adult enrolment fees are based on the following fee schedule (noting
that all enrolments/ re-enrolments expire on 31st December of year):
New memberships/ re-enrolments purchased...
- 1 January to 30 March = $99 (incl.GST)
- 1 April to 30 June = $82.50 (incl.GST)
- 1 July to 30 September = $71.50 (incl.GST)
- 1 October to 30 December = $55 (incl.GST)

Note: Ninja Cadet membership is based on $6.42 (incl. GST) per
month (calcluated based on the number of months through to 31 Dec),

The adult class enrolment fee includes for both 'Hands On Defence'
as well as 'Bujinkan' (official Japan) membership cards.  Whereas
Ninja Cadets only have 'Hands On Defence' membership cards.

Additional Notes:
(1) Bujinkan patches (Kyu & Dan grade) need to be purchased
separately and worn on the uniform (heart/ chest area) whilst the
Hands On Defence Patches are to be displayed only on the upper
arm areas. [This relates to adults only].
(2) The Hands On Defence School Manuals will (until further notice)
continue to be issued free as part of any new (first-time) adult
or junior membership only. [Separate manual for Juniors applies].

Our adult enrolment fee provides students with a professional study
Welcome Pack' of outstanding value comprising:

1 - 'Hands-On Defence' School membership card
2 - 'Bujinkan' membership card (adults only)
2 - 'Hands On Defence' Patch (2 for 1st-time enrolments only)
3 - Free *School Training Manual; adult version comprising:
(a) - Personal message letter
(b) - School policy & dojo rules & School safety
(c) - Commencement of class ceremony summary
(d) - List of the 18 secret ninja training skills
(e) - Ninja covenant & poem
(f) - Bujinkan Japanese School & membership information
(g) - Monthly weapons schedule for the current year
(h) - Meditation briefing example - 'Mokusoo'
(i) - 100 body pressure & weak points diagram - 'kyusho'
(j) - Budo Taijutsu/ Ninjutsu training dictionary guide
(k) - Study guides - Kamae, Secret Fists, Sword, Hanbo and Knife
(l) - Technique guides - Sanshin & Kihon Happo
(m) - Beginner to intermediate rank guidelines (10th to 6th Kyu)
(n) - Overview of typical ninjutsu weapons
(o) - Supplementary training/ reference book listing membership also provides free access
to the following ninjutsu
documents (provided the student remains a financial member of
the School):

1 - Full colour, double-sided
monthly newletters (for all ranks)
2 - Senior
rank guidelines (progressively distributed 5Kyu to B/Belt)
3 - School
Black Belt Training Manuals e.g. Dan grade (fee applies)
4 -
Home training programs (progressively distributed by rank)

*Note: The School Manual outlines the basics requirements for the
first few years of training and contains ~75 sides of school/ ninjutsu/
taijutsu/ grading etc information. 

Newsletter Update Insert: Example Newsletter (front)

In addition a
'Starters Kit' is offered to new adult students
representing great value at
$242 (incl.GST) comprising:

1 - (1) Black Jacket (Size 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 - all 10oz material)
2 - (1) Black Trousers (Size 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 - all 10oz material)
3 - (1) White Training Belt (Size 3 or 4 or 5 or 6)
4 - (1 Set) Ninja Rubber Stars (Set of 3, mixed style)
5 - (1) Groin Guard (male snr size - offer not available to females)
6 - (1 Pair) Black hand protection mitts (Medium or Large)
7 - (1) Black weapons carry case (Vinyl - 'Bokken' size)
8 - (1) Red Oak Sword ('Bokken')
9 - (1) Red Oak Stick ('Hanbo')
10 - (1) Red Oak Knife ('Tanto')

As an optional extra, the School can also help provide you with
Black Outdoor 'Tabi' (velcro fastening) for $71.50 (incl.GST).

Note: We feel confident that the above equipment is excellent value
and is 'second-to-none' in terms of packages available as there are
no postage / packaging / pick-up extra costs - we deliver to you
at the training centre...however please compare all of this to what
other Ninjutsu / Budo Taijutsu / Martial Art Schools provide!!

School adult visitor (1st time trials only) after successful completion of
School interview will be offered a visitor class fee of $22 (incl.GST)
- however this is limited to one class before the visitor will be required
to make a decision around whether to continue and formally join the
School e.g. refer annual enrolment fee above thereafter.

Supplementary Notes:

(1) Fees, locations & session times are effective 1st January 2018 however
may be subject to change so please contact the Ninjutsu Training
Centre directly to confirm details.
(2) Applications from interested students will involve three key
requirements, namely:
(i) Completion (& Shihan acceptance) of a personal interview
(ii) Completion (& Shihan acceptance) of a 'Participation & Release
of Liability Form'
(iii) Completion (& Shihan acceptance) of School monthly fee
reward program form
(3) All 'kyu' grade tests - Ninja Cadets & Adults - are an extra fee
based on $24.75 (incl. GST) for Ninja Cadets, and $49.50 (incl. GST)
for adults [for 'Hands On Defence' School certificates & belts.
Bujinkan 'kyu' & 'dan' grade certificates are an additional fee and
provided on request for adults - refer Shihan].
In addition to the
above, refer official Bujinkan Guidelines also

For any other enquiries related to the School or the art of Ninjutsu,
please contact us at: