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Hands On Defence - Spirit Of Ninjutsu (incorporating the Bujinkan
Melbourne Dojo) School Feedback - Examples:

We provide an exciting and unique service experience... 

"...I love this stuff...I'm glad I have you as my teacher. Thank you Shihan."

or another example...

"Sensei, I would like to thank you for sharing & teaching us this beautiful
art. I would have never thought that I would become a martial artist and
specially being taught by such a wonderful Sensei.  I am forever grateful."

Specific areas of feedback received include...

(a) Feedback on Leadership Qualities...
"Dear Dr Jon, in this year of reflection, I look back at all the
leaders who had an influence in my life and you are amounst the elite
few. Thank you and God bless. May all who cross your path benefit
from your fellowship."

(b) Student Feedback...

" are an amazing Teacher, an enlightened person who inspires
us in many ways.  Anyone who knows you can vouch that you genuinely
have no ego, and teach the art form in a manner that is realistically
based - not to mention a safe environment."

or another example...

"Thank you Shihan for your dedication & time for teaching us this
art. You really are a father figure to all of us."

or another example...

"It is a privalege to be apart of the School and thank you for
sharing your skill and knowledge..."

or another example...

"Your knowledge of both physical and spiritual arts and the
diversity you teach is what keeps us all training under your guidance."

(c) Feedback from Visitors & Spectators...

"Hi Shihan Hodson, the class was great to watch, and I
admired the professional way its run."

(d) Feedback from New Students on School Documentation...
"Hi Shihan...the School manual looks great and really

(e) Feedback on Extracurricular & Special Interest Events...
"Reiki...enhanced my abilities and opened the gates & my mind
to new heights. Thank you Shihan."

Example of student recognition, City of Casey 2014 Australia Day
Award written regarding the School:

"Besides the 3 weekly classes, Dr. Hodson's 'Hands-on Defence' Martial
Arts School offers a variety of short courses to the wider community, such
- Self Defence programs for School Students of various age groups
- Self Defence for Coaches/Teachers and Trainers
- Women's Self Defence
- Spiritual Development Courses known as 'Reiki'...

Dr Jon Hodson has been offering Self Defence classes to the Casey
Community for nearly 10 years. Having done several Martial Arts myself
and therefore seen different ways of teaching, I can say that it is very
rare to find a school such as Dr. Hodson's that does not encourage a violent
outcome of a situation. He has a unique approach in that he teaches his
students first to avoid any confrontation, but if forced into one, not to
use excessive force. In
fact, he incorporates law into training (as he's a
licensed Security Instructor too).

I see the Casey Australia day award as a fantastic opportunity to say
'Thank you' in a special way to a unique person, when words simply aren't
enough after so many years of training.

Dr. Hodson is a highly motivated person who, combined with his positive
outlook on Life, manages to inspire and encourage students in getting the
best out of them. With this nomination, I'd like to show Dr. Hodson on
behalf of all students how much we appreciate what he teaches and
hopefully he'll continue
to do so for a very long time."

Australia Day Certificate of Nomination - 2014


Example of international Hall of Fame Honorary Award recognition:

Master Dr Hodson was recognised by the World Professional Martials Arts
Organization (WPMAO) on the 23rd February 2014 at their Hall of Fame
Awards ceremony in New York (USA) as "Master of the Year - Ninjutsu".

These awards were presented by Grand Master Maurice Elmalem and
Grand Master Robert Ornes.

Master of the Year - Ninjutsu Award

Example of physical & spiritual recognition by international organisations:

- Ordained Teacher/Priest (Esoteric Buddhism)

Ordained Teacher/Priest (Esoteric Buddhism)

- Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart

Decreed on the 4th January 2014, Master Dr Hodson was granted
mystic knighthood, "Sir Jon Hodson is recognised by the Mystic Knighthood
of the Crowned Heart to be worth holding the noble title of: Knight Master."
Knighthood was granted based on his mastery of mind, body and spirit.

Master (Dr) Hodson's mystic form also being duly recorded as
in the list of actual knights

Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart - Official Logo The HODSON Coat of Arms

Knighthood Certificate - Master Dr Jon Hodson

For more details on this authentic knighthood, please refer website:

Example of honorary recognition by international martial art masters:

Shihan Dr Hodson was inducted as an official member of the Bussey Black
Belt Society on 2nd October 2013.  Shihan Dr Hodson was recognised as
"having assimilated practices, concepts and strategies of Robert Bussey
to safeguard life", and was "duly initiated into this Society honoring Black

Shihan Dr Hodson has studied techniques by Robert Bussey and integrated
them with his own personal style of training since the early 1990's. 

Shihan Dr Hodson inducted as an Official Member of Bussey Black Belt Society


After searching out Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th Soke of Togakure Ryu, Robert
Bussey began his journey in the Ninja arts, training exclusively with the
Grand Master and other leading master teachers including Fumio Manaka,
Shoto Tanemura, and Toshiro Nagato.  In 1980, Bussey pioneered the art
to American audiences and by the mid 80’s was running the largest Ninja
training facility in the world.

A deeply spiritual man, Bussey was guided by a personal code and
questioned certain ancient traditions and techniques. By rejecting the
politics and false sense of security that was rampant in the arts, Bussey
pioneered a new and progressive approach and became the poster boy
for the contemporary American Ninja warrior.

Robert Bussey has been described as a true martial arts icon.  Heralded
by the media as the "King of Combat"
, Robert Bussey is best known as an
American martial arts innovator, ninja extraordinaire, and a uniquely
original hand to hand technician.

(Quote UFC Award Script); "Well versed in numerous fighting
disciplines, Bussey was one of the first non-Japanese Masters to pierce
the veil of secrecy surrounding the ancient art of the Ninja.  His
philosophy of supreme adaptability led to his research and
development of a modern life saving methodology...he is the recognized
King of Combat."


Example of presentation / representation at major events:

The 'Berwick Show', 23rd & 24th February, 2013...

The School was granted a 3m x 3m  stall space at one of the major
attractions in Melbourne - the Berwick Show - over a weekend
in February.

Berwick Show 2013 Professional Presentation

Various students volunteered to join Shihan Hodson in presenting
the School to the general public.  Whilst the two days were quite
physically demanding in terms of working through high heat
/ temperatures, the School attracted in excess of 50 visitors to
find out more about the School's various training programs!

Example of other related School Press (Newspaper article):

As published in the Berwick & District Journal,
April 6 - 2009, p.16...

"Learn defensive styles hands on"

Shidoshi Hodson with Kusari Fundo

Jon Hodson provides a comprehensive education in
one of Japan’s most efficient and effective
martial arts.

JAPAN’S most secretive and powerful martial art, ninjutsu, was
hidden from the western world for almost eight
centuries before
finally being introduced in the 1980s.

This effective martial art encourages
self-esteem, fitness and
self-defence and is now available to the community through
Hands On Defence.

Managed by internationally accredited and highly qualified
sensei Jon Hodson,
Hands On Defence provides a
comprehensive, safe and enjoyable education.

Based on the power of natural movement, ninjutsu training is a
complete martial arts
experience. Ninjutsu is taught from a basic
level requiring only reasonable health and fitness.

Students will be taught a complete training curriculum involving
both unarmed and armed self defence..


Various Training & Japan Photo's:

(1) School Black Belt Gradings:

Black Belt Zoran Black Belt Scott

Black Belt Spiro Black Belt Denise

Black Belt James Black Belt Suhail

Black Belt Istvan Black Belt William

Black Belt - Paul Black Belt - Patrick

(2) School 'Jeweled Dragon' Award Recipients:

2012 2013

Jeweled Dragon Award Recipient 2012 - Denise Jeweled Dragon Award Recipient Paul - 2013

2014 2015

Paul James


2016 Jeweled Dragon Award

(3) Traditional Indoor'Dojo' Training:

Freeway Sports Dojo - Dandenong Freeway Sports Dojo - Dandenong

Advanced Weapon Training Technique Training Advanced Armed Defensive Tactics

Dojo Training - Narre Warren Dojo Training - Narre Warren2

Typical training night Typical training night

Typical training night Typical training night

Dojo training - A typical night Dojo training

Typical training night Typical training night

(4) 'Outdoor' Training (Examples):

- Mountain Bike Riding: "Trailmix!"!

Mountain Bike Challenge Mountain Bike Challenge Riders

- Quad Bike Training (300 Acres!)

Quad Bike Challenge

- Obstacle & Climbing Training: "Tree's Adventure!"!

Tree's Adventure 2013 Tree's Adventure 2013

Tree's Adventure 2013 Tree's Adventure 2013

School outdoor activity - Tree obstacle course training School outdoor activity - Tree obstacle course training

School outdoor activity - Tree obstacle course training School outdoor activity - Tree obstacle course training

- Rock Climbing & Rope Skills Training: Indoor Courses!

Indoor Climbing Event Indoor Climbing Event

Indoor Climbing Event Indoor Climbing Event

- Water Surface Skills Training: Kayaking!

Outdoor Training - Kayaking 'Drills' Kayaking - Entering the Water

Group kayaking! Learning to Kayak

Kayak Training Kayak Training

- Survival Water Skills Training!

Water Survival Skills Training Water Survival Skills Training Instruction

- Underwater Skills Training: Scuba Diving!

Scuba Diving Training Scuba Diving Certificates


- Water Obstacle Course Challenge: "ROC Race!"

Group Photo

Disposing of the opposition!

Death by foam!

Jumping Balls!


- Horse-Riding Training: Regional Victoria!

School outdoor activity - Horse riding training Outdoor event - Horse riding

School outdoor activity - Horse riding training Horse Riding Near Bunyip River

Horse Riding Near Bunyip River Horse-Riding Bunyip State Forest

- Endurance Training: 20km, 28 Obstacle "Tough Mudder"!

Tough Mudder Event 2012 - Shihan Hodson & Denise Tough Mudder 2012 -

Tough Mudder 2012 - Tough Mudder 2012 -

Tough Mudder 2012 - Tough Mudder 2012 -

Tough Mudder Event 2012 Tough Mudder Event 2012

Tough Mudder 2012 - Tough Mudder Event 2012 - Finishers Refuelling!


- Battlefield Challenge: "Operation Blackhawk!"

Operation Blackhawk Group Photo Operation Blackhawk Wire Crawl

Underwater Plank River Crossing

Wall Team Climb Solo Mud Crawl

- Escape, Evasion & Camouflage Training: Botanical!

Camouflage Training - Student Example 1 Camouflage Training - Student Example 2

Camouflage Training - Group Photo

- Disguise & Impersonation Training

Disguise & Impersonation Group Photo Scar Work

Scar Work 2 Feature Changing

Hair Pieces Facial Hair Pieces

Facial Hair Skin Blemishes

- Archery Training: Traditional Bow & Arrow!

Archery event Outdoor Event - Archery Group 1

Outdoor Event - Archery Outdoor Event - Group Archery

Archery target score Archery target score

- Military Strategy Game / Rifle Training: Paintball!

Paintball victors - final game Paintballers - End of day!

Recouping at Paintball Heaven! Walking into Paintball Heaven!

- Shotgun Training!

Shotgun Training Event - Group Photo Shotgun Training Event

- Rope Descent & Height Training: Rappelling!

Rappelling 2011 Rappelling 2011

Forward Rappelling Melbourne CBD Class Ready for Forward Rappelling Melbourne CBD

Group Shot - Rappelling Melbourne CBD

- Navigation / Geography Training: Hiking!

Hiking Birds Reserve 2012

Hiking Event


- Ninja Camp Training

Buyu Retreat Entrance Buyu Retreat Studio 1 Dojo

Ground Defence Sword Training

Shrine Shelf Camp 4

Tents Up! Unarmed Combat

Getting to know each other Sunset Die-hard Training

Long Weapon Training Spear Training

Close Quarter Combat Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training with Bo Staff Outdoor Training with Long Weapons

- Spiritual "Reiki" Training

Reiki Practitioner Training - Emerald Lake Park Reiki Practitioner Training

- Spiritual Training: Buddhist Temple Visits!

Temple Visit 2013 Temple Visit 2013

Temple Visit 2013 Temple Visit 2013

Shihan Hodson Chanting With Master in Buddhist Temple Shihan Hodson At Formal Tea Ceremony

Temple Lion Temple Lion Temple Protector

Temple Protector Temple Protector Temple Protector

(5) Japan Bujinkan Training Photo's:

Bujinkan training sign in Noda, Japan Soke Hatsumi with Shihan Hodson at the Hombu Dojo

Hombu Dojo In Japan Training In Japan - Soke Hatsumi & Shiraishi Shihan

Hombu dojo - Hanging caligraphy scrolls Shihan Hodson training outdoors in Japan

Shihan Hodson training at shrine in Japan Shihan Hodson training at shrine in Japan

Shiraishi Shihan and Shihan Hodson at Hombu dojo - Training in Japan Shiraishi Shihan and Shihan Hodson with 10th dan name plate at Hombu Dojo in Japan

Nagato SenseiShihan Hodson training with Shuko claws in an open hand defensive posture

Shihan Hodson - Bokken sword training Shihan Hodson training with Kusari Fundo weighted chain


(6) Japanese Streets, Shrines, Temples & Hidden Gardens:

Large temple in Japan Inner area whilst spiritual training at Shinshoji temple in Japan

Hidden shrine entrance in Japan Park entrance

Spiritual training at a hidden waterfall in Japan Nature training in Japan

Spiritual training at hidden water pool in Japan forest Training in isolation in Japan forest

Buddha statue in Japan Buddha statue in Japan

Statue guard at shrine in Japan Statue guard at shrine in Japan Spiritual training at Shinshoji temple scenery in Japan

Hidden shrine entrance in Japan Large shrine guard in Japan

Shrine example in Japan Large dragon at water font in Japan

One of the Japanese God's Martial statue Hidden Japanese memorial

A bike by train station left untouched for years Hidden cabin - Japan

Obstacle course - Japan Obstacle course - Japan

Obstacle course - Japan Obstacle course - Japan

Koi - Japan Temple gardens - Japan

Outdoor park Koi in lake

Temple gardens - Japan Iris garden - Japan

Samurai figure - rooftop Samurai figure in street

(7) Japan Study Tour 2013

Shihan Hodson with Study Tour Students in Honbu Buddha's at Asakusa, Japan

Iga Ninja Mountain Area - Uenoshi Station, Japan Iga Ninja Mountain Area - Uenoshi Station, Japan

Ninja Museum - Overview of Armour Ninja Museum - Kusari Gama

Ninja Museum - Kunai Ninja Museum - Shinobi Katana

Ninja Museum - Shuriken Ninja Museum - Shuriken

Ninja Museum - Climbing Tools Ninja Museum - Caltrops

Ninja Museum - Ninja Training Location Ninja Museum - Climbing Tool

Ninja Museum - Tree Chart Students Waiting for Train to Depart Iga Area

Obstacle Course in Shimazue Park Iga Castle - Samurai Armour Set

Iga Castle Iga Castle Wall - 100 Ft

Training With Nagato Shihan at the Honbu Dojo Hanging Scroll Drawn By Soke Hatsumi

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